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Learning through conversation

If you want to learn grammar and conjugate verbs, our classes are NOT for you! (However, if that’s your bag, sign up for one-on-one and we’ll do it!) Our classes focus on learning the most frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures in order to communicate. The philosophy is called “Comprehensible Input” (developed by linguist Stephen Krashen). We use the key structures in context in order to build proficiency and fluency. You will be understanding and speaking in no time…and we promise you will have fun doing it!

Many options for many styles of learning

EdConnect Language Academy currently offers a variety of services to learn and practice Spanish: adult classes, private lessons, tutoring, conversation groups, and on-site workplace instruction. We also offer partnerships with immersion schools, providing language and cultural opportunities for students, parents, and families. We are continually growing to meet your needs, so please contact us for inquiries regarding other languages. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan; however, we can provide most services online, as well. Just reach out!

Amanda Cisneros

“I have taught preschool through adult Spanish and English over the last 17 years (mostly high school). I LOVE teaching, languages, and just getting to know people. I have a master’s degree in Spanish and a current K-12 teaching certificate from the state of Michigan. I lived in Spain for two years where I met my husband (who is actually from Mexico). We speak “mucho español” at home with our two young daughters.”

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