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EdConnect has six different ways to learn Spanish!

EdConnect Language Academy currently offers a variety of services to learn and practice Spanish: adult classes, private lessons, tutoring, conversation groups, and on-site workplace instruction. We also offer partnerships with immersion schools, providing language and cultural opportunities for students, parents, and families. We are continually growing to meet your needs, so please contact us for inquiries regarding other languages. We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan; however, we can provide most services online, as well. Just reach out!

If you want to learn grammar and conjugate verbs, my classes are NOT for you! (However, if that’s your bag, sign up for one-on-one and we’ll do it!) My classes focus on learning the most frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures in order to communicate. The philosophy is called “Comprehensible Input” (developed by linguist and my hero, Stephen Krashen). We use the key structures in context in order to build proficiency and fluency. You will be understanding and speaking in no time…and I promise you will have fun doing it!

Adult evening sessions are always starting; it is never too late to start learning Spanish! Our classes focus on learning the most frequently-used vocabulary and grammatical structures in order to communicate. You will spend time conversing, reading, and of course, having fun!
  • Each session/level is 15 contact hours
  • $300 or bring a friend and you each pay $250

Check out our classes

Need scheduling flexibility or looking for customized classes? Interested in a language other than Spanish? Contact us to schedule lessons today.
  • One-on-one: $50/hour
  • Two people: $60/hour
  • Three people: $75/hour

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Recently moved and your child needs to catch up? Or, he or she just needs extra help to succeed in language class? We can help. Our amazing tutors are language teachers certified by the state of Michigan. They work with your child’s teacher to best determine and accommodate their needs.
  • $50/hour at EdConnect
  • or $60/hour in your home

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If you want to keep up on your Spanish and enjoy delicious food, join us! We will order in Spanish and converse together in guided conversation. Our instructor will provide as much or as little feedback as you would like. Any level is welcome!
  • $10 per evening

Sign up for Conversación y Comida

Do you wish your team members knew more Spanish or English? Would you like them to be able to communicate better with each other, with clients, or while traveling? Contact us for a customized plan to offer language classes right at your workplace. The benefits are endless.

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Please inquire about online opportunities if you are not in the Grand Rapids area. 

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